Dalston Den is a creative hub that aims to provide a safe space for emerging artists in London.  We supports new talents with the production and curation of pop-up exhibitions as well as artwork sales with visual art, to empower one another. The community of the Den is dedicated to intersectional creativity and free expression.  Our vision is to  interlinks fine art, design and music. Dalston Den recruits and nurtures underground talent from around the world alongside a growing family of high-quality residents through our creative hub, towards making the best events and immersive experience imaginable. Developing artists can share their practice and build a network with a diverse community outside the tight-knit art world. 

We are located in the heart of Dalston in Hackney London and we exist to promote interest and participation in the visual arts, in, and around London and beyond. 

Our creative hub has attracted many practising artists – painters, sculptors, designers, photographers, architects and more recently writers, dancers and musicians, not to mention our private hiring clients.

Dalston is a vibrant and multicultural community and we pride ourselves in working and supporting diverse community of artists working across a range of mediums. We develop and showcase artistic skills through the staging of Exhibitions; we support artists through a varied programme of activities and events; and we seek to promote and inspire interest in the arts by fostering links with schools and other groups in our local community. 

Exhibitions are held throughout the year, and we also run live arts events, spoken word and comedy events, film screenings, and performances showcasing the best local young talents.

If you would like to perform at the Den please contact us.

We are constantly encouraging local artists to work with us so if you have an idea for a creative project or you wish to exhibit your work as an individual or a collective then please contact us for a friendly chat.